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Meet the Pastor

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Pastor Seven Grogan began preaching at age 15 and grew up as a minister. He brings over 20 years of ministry experience serving in both major cities and rural settings in many different roles. These roles included children and youth ministry, The U.S. Army Ministry Team where he served as a Chaplain Assistant, as well as ministering in group homes and juvenile detention centers. Theses varied experiences have helped prepare him to tackle any new task that he may encounter.


Through his various positions he maintains the belief that strong communication, leadership, and organizational skills have made him an instrument in helping believers become the best version of themselves. He helps equip people from every walk of life to maintain emotional and spiritual stability. Pastor Seven is a motivated, high-energy minister with demonstrated track record fostering spiritual growth. He possesses strong people skills, Biblical insight, teamwork, and a proven ability to develop rapport with believers and the lost. His ability to get people excited about learning more about Jesus Christ and how to keep their walk straight in a crazy bent world is one of his greatest attributes.

His philosophy of Ministry is to connect the lost and believers in innovative ways. He uses movies clips, crazy videos, Gospel Rap, skits, multi-media, funny characters, puppets, game shows, and anything else he can find to deliver a clear message of who Jesus is and how much God loves them. His vision is to disciple, teach and equip people to meet, know, and fall in love with Jesus Christ and to create a ministry environment that is real and fun that also equips followers to love those around them for God’s purpose and glory.

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