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No Matter What

Just know that you will be warmly welcomed and invited into the life of the church. We are a truly diverse group, so wherever you are in life, in age, in your spirituality, in social or economic standing; whatever your race, gender, marital status or any other aspect of life, watch how you will be welcomed in the love of Jesus.

First Things You'll Want to Know...

First, know that we love the Lord and greatly desire to share His love with you. We are here to help you experience God's love in personal, practical, and powerful dimensions. God’s love is always inclusive, redemptive and unlimited yet never earned. We are made whole through His love. It is truly amazing what can happen when we learn to love each other the way God intended.

Why Church?

Everyone desires to belong; this is how we have been created. Another way to define church is "God's place of belonging." The hassles, headaches, hardships and heartaches we encounter in this life are not meant to be faced alone. The people of Springfield are a vital community of followers of Jesus who know the joy of belonging.

Church is also the place of empowerment. We individually discover our gifts and purpose and also share in the gifts and purpose of the entire church. In the collected love and accountability of Christ's church, we learn and grow. Together, we are transformed by the Holy Spirit and enabled to become better people, to love each more completely, and to share this love with those we encounter in life.

Church allows us to be accountable and challenge each other to be the people God intended us to be. In this, God receives glory and we discover and fulfill God's purpose and destiny for our lives.

Come, let us belong together!

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