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Our Mission

We are a spirit-filled group of believers excited about the love and passion of a good God. You can get a sense of the heart and ethos of our church through our mission statement.

"The mission of the Springfield United Methodist Church is to become an abiding place of the Lord's presence and glory; to make, teach and equip disciples for Christ so that the Kingdom of God will go forward in power and might; to bring glory to God by manifesting the love of Christ to each other, our neighbors, and the world; to radically impact our personal environment, our community, our denomination, and our world with the gospel of Christ and the manifest power of God."

We at Springfield experience the extravagant love of God each time we gather. We are a vibrantly alive and free church, filled with the joy and spirit of the Lord. There is always a sense of excitement at Springfield. Our praise is joyous and exuberant. It is in this atmosphere that we celebrate the goodness of God in personal testimonies, manifest power, spirit led preaching, and individual ministry time.

We are under-girded by our Methodist heritage and guided and enriched by the theological value of scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. This is to say that we believe that the living core of the Christian faith is revealed in scripture — the living word of God — illuminated by tradition, comes to life in personal experience, and confirmed by reason.


For us at Springfield, the manifest presence and power of the Holy Spirit is a natural and progressive outgrowth of God's plan for His church. We see the charismatic nature of our worship experience as a progressive and harmonious stream flowing out of our theological heritage.

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