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Who We Are

There are 3 things that everyone needs but no one can establish on their own...


We all want and need to know what is real, unchanging and authentic; we all need the "Truth."

We all want a life that is vital, love driven, joyful, satisfying, and unending, we all need "Life."

We all need a means, a template, or a road map how to achieve these things, we need a "Way."

Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me." John 14:6

This is our goal at Springfield. We want to help you find your way in Christ.

Our Vision is to be a real church, with the real Jesus, for the real world.

There are several means of stating what God is calling His Church here at Springfield to do specifically.


First, it's helpful to state what the Springfield "New Lighted" (Methodist) Church is not.

  • We are not a traditional Methodist Church. We are more interested in the present than in the past.

  • We are not a liturgical church. That is, we are not driven by a predetermined order and formulation of our worship service.

  • We are not a heritage church. That is, we are not defined or limited by local historical events or, persons, by civic ownership, or prestigious architectural features.

  • We are not, by any reasonable measure, a legalistic church. That is, we are not governed by a spirit of correctness. Neither are we controlled by the opinions, money, rank, or the pressure of a few.

  • We are neither a consumer-driven, nor a "programs reliant" church. We don't hold that amenities, facilities, technology, ambience, food, or even pleasant and comfortable surroundings change lives. The absence of some of these things may, however, hinder widespread participation and signal an uncaring, indifferent, or even self-satisfied attitude. Our church seeks to be inviting; not simply that people would have a pleasant experience, but that they would know that they have eternal worth and find reality and life in Jesus Christ.

  • We are not a church which is socially, economically, or ethnically segregated.

  • We are not an affluent church; but we are rich.

  • We are not a sedate, silent, somber, stiff, solemn, or short church.

These are some of the primary aspects of the Springfield church.

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